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Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Decorating pumpkins doesn’t just have to be carving faces on them, you can make a lovely pumpkin display using things like sparkly beads. You can arrange them in different patterns and use different colors. In the pic above I used light pink and white and arranged them in size starting from the top going from small to large down the sides. You can find sparkly beads at your local crafts stores and some come with an adhesive back, you just pull of the sticker and attach it to your pumpkin. If you can’t find the adhesive kind, you can use glue to attach them.

You can experiment and arrange them in swirly patterns around the pumpkin with different sizes and colors. You can also use stickers and ribbons to decorate them. In the pic below I used face stickers and curling ribbon tied around the stem and curled to make hair.