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Book Recommendation: Herb Crafts


Herb Crafts is a beautiful book by Tessa Evelegh, a talented and creative crafter and lifestyle writer. This rich and colorful book contains more than inspiring crafting projects with herbs. You will find information about the medicinal properties of herbs and essential oils, and how to use them in aromatherapy. You will also find helpful information about growing, cutting, harvesting, and drying herbs.



Evelegh also shows very creative and stylish ways to design an herb garden, not only backyard gardens but container gardens as well. She presents so many cute and artistic ideas that you will most certainly want to grow your own fragrant little garden.



Of course as the title states, the bulk of this book contains crafting projects using both dried and fresh herbs. There are lovely and fragrant decorative projects and bath and body projects utilizing the beneficial properties of various herbs.  All of the crafting projects are accompanied by inspiring color photos.



Eveleh also includes a section covering herbs used as flavorings for recipes.  This fabulous section includes breads, desserts, cheeses, oils, vinegars, preserves, and drinks, all using exquisite flavorings from the wonderful world of herbs.



The end of the book includes a directory of herbs and lists on their cultivation and uses in cooking and medicinal properties.


This is by far one of my favorite herb books and I have actually done many of the crafting projects, gardening ideas, and recipes.  I have found it very useful and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get creative with herbs.
This book is part of my series of out-of-print fragrance crafting book recommendations. There are affordable used copies of this book at the marketplaces of Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and Alibris, and Abe Books.  You may also come across copies at used book shops as well.

* The photos are © Copyright Herb Crafts, Tessa Evelegh.

** I am getting no commissions from this book recommendation.

Fragrant Spice Sachet

You can make a cute and fragrant decorative little sachet using a simple muslin bag and spices that are probably already in your kitchen.  Spices such as whole allspice, cloves, and anise stars all have their individual wonderful and strong fragrances and when they are all combined, you will have an amazing rich and robust spicy fragrance.  

These little bags are so cute and aromatic and so easy to make. Fill your muslin bag with your spices and you can further decorate it by tying cinnamon sticks to the drawstrings and attaching decorations to it.  For my sachet above, I made a little tissue paper flower and appliqued it onto the bag. Tissue paper flowers are fun to make and they are adorable little decorations for lots of crafts. Click the link below for simple instructions to make tissue paper flowers.

Book Recommendation: The Scented Room

Barbara Milo Ohrbach’s The Scented Room is a wonderful book of creative fragrance crafts. Ohrbach had opened up her own fragrance crafts shop in NYC called Cherchez in the 1970’s and her book contains many of her charming and fun crafts.

This book is filled with color photos of beautiful floral/herb crafts and inspiring home decor ideas. She goes into detail about the methods of making both dry and moist potpourri and gives comprehensive recipes and display ideas.

This book also contains ideas and recipes for fabric sachets, bath bags, and scented pillows.

There is also a section that with recipes for floral waters, room sprays, and pomanders.

You will also find gorgeous floral and herb crafts like wreaths, arrangements, and tussie mussies, as well as details about which particular flowers and herbs are best used for crafts, and various gathering, drying, and storing techniques.

What I really love about this book are the stunning color photos which not only show the beautiful crafts themselves but also decorative and display ideas. If you love DIY and crafting, especially fragrance crafting, this book will definitely get your creative juices flowing. The crafting projects are not only gorgeous, but they are also simple and fun.

This book is part of my series of out-of-print fragrance crafting book recommendations that I am making, so you can find very affordable used copies of this book either at the marketplaces of Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and Alibris, and Abe Books.  You may also come across copies at used book shops as well.

You can also get an autographed copy of this book from Barbara Milo Ohrbach’s website

* The photos are © Copyright The Scented Room, Barbara Milo Ohrbach.

** I am getting no commissions from this book recommendation.

Fragrance Crafting Book Recommendations

I have come upon many helpful, handy, and beautiful fragrance crafting books that have gone out-of-print but are still available at great low prices.  You can find them by either browsing old/used book shops and online at websites such as the Amazon and Barnes & Noble marketplaces and also Alibris and Abe Books.

These books are very worthwhile because they contain lovely and valuable crafting tutorials, ideas, and projects, and the prices for used copies are amazing for these inspirational books.

I will be posting on this blog some of my favorite fragrance crafting books with projects that I have found to imaginative and artistic.  From flower crafts, herb crafts, spice crafts, soap, bath and body, etc., you will find lovely ideas and projects and since the books are no longer in print, you can get unbelievable low prices.  Sometimes you can find used copies for as low as $.99 USD.

I want to say that I am getting no monetary commissions or other benefits by recommending these books.  I am recommending them because I want to share these delightful crafting ideas that you will also hopefully find creatively inspiring.

Free Facebook Timeline Covers

It’s almost Spring, the weather is starting to turn lovely again, so I have some new Spring and Summer Facebook Timeline covers.  As usual, they are already presized to fit the Facebook Timeline dimensions.  To save them, hover your mouse over them, right-click and choose ‘save as’ from the mini menu.  After you save them to your computer, all you need to do is simply upload them onto your Facebook Timeline.

The Timeline covers are reduced, just click on each one to see them full size.