Fragrance Crafting Book Recommendations

I have come upon many helpful, handy, and beautiful fragrance crafting books that have gone out-of-print but are still available at great low prices.  You can find them by either browsing old/used book shops and online at websites such as the Amazon and Barnes & Noble marketplaces and also Alibris and Abe Books.

These books are very worthwhile because they contain lovely and valuable crafting tutorials, ideas, and projects, and the prices for used copies are amazing for these inspirational books.

I will be posting on this blog some of my favorite fragrance crafting books with projects that I have found to imaginative and artistic.  From flower crafts, herb crafts, spice crafts, soap, bath and body, etc., you will find lovely ideas and projects and since the books are no longer in print, you can get unbelievable low prices.  Sometimes you can find used copies for as low as $.99 USD.

I want to say that I am getting no monetary commissions or other benefits by recommending these books.  I am recommending them because I want to share these delightful crafting ideas that you will also hopefully find creatively inspiring.

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