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Book Recommendation: The Herbal Home Companion

The Herbal Home Companion by Theresa Loe is a handy and delightful book not just for herb lovers and crafters, but for anyone willing to explore the pleasures of herbs. From growing them to harvesting them and using them for cooking and crafts, you will find lots of practical and useful information.

This beautifully illustrated book contains a section with information about 35 recommended herbs to grow in your garden.  This section details the proper growing conditions, physical descriptions, and properties of each herb as well as ways in which they can be used in recipes, decorating, and other crafts.

Loe also provides lots of great and helpful information about growing your own herb garden.  You will find information about planning your garden, choosing the right type of soil and containers; fertilizing and mulching; how to propagate from seeds and cuttings; how to plant theme gardens; and how to harvest and dry your herbs.

 With their wonderful flavorings and fragrances, herbs can give life to any boring recipe.  Loe includes a section filled with mouth watering recipes for seasonings, dressings, butters, chicken, beef, rice, potatoes, salads, breads, and delectable desserts such as tarts, scones, shortcakes, and pudding, among others.

The beneficial properties of herbs make them ideal for use in bath and beauty products.  DIY beauty products are easy and fun to make and if you want to get creative, this book has a section dedicated to herbal beauty recipes such as lotion, cologne, body cream, bath oil, and more.

The unique beauty and fragrance of herbs make them wonderful elements for decorative and fragrance crafting.  This book will give you ideas on how to create and arrange wreaths, garlands, and topiaries, as well as pressed herb crafts. You can also enjoy their beautiful fragrances by making sachets, drawer liners, and closet bouquets. There are many beautiful decorative crafting ideas to inspire you in this book.

The Herbal Home Companion is a very well put together and comprehensive book of the many ways in which you can creatively enjoy herbs in all their beauty, their wonderful fragrances, and their flavors.

This book is part of my series of out-of-print fragrance crafting book recommendations. There are affordable used copies of this book at the marketplaces of Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and Alibris, and Abe Books.  You may also come across copies at used book shops as well.

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Color Inspiration from Nature

Need color ideas for your website, blog, art project or crafts project? We recently had a beautiful day without a single cloud in the sky. There was nothing but blue in the sky as far as the eye could see. I took a photo and created a color palette out of the gorgeous rich shades of blue in the sky and the nicely contrasting shades of bright green from the trees.