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How To Start a Garden

There is nothing more beautiful than a lush garden with all it’s different colors and fragrances. It is not difficult to achieve a beautiful and productive garden, Jen’s Reviews has a great and informative step by step article to help you with your gardening:

I have gardened for many, many years and have many, many books ranging from communing with nature spirits to controlling pests with their natural enemies.

What are the most important lessons I have learned over the years? How would I advise someone to begin for guaranteed success? Continued Here…

More Free Facebook Timeline Covers

I have more nature Facebook Timeline Covers that show the beauty of Summer. One shows beautiful pink flowers against a blue sky. The other shows the sun peeking from behind a swirly cloud looking like a foamy wave across the summer sky. Both are presized to fit the Facebook dimensions.

They appear slightly reduced here, to see them full size, click on each one. To use them, hold your mouse over each one and right-click and choose ‘save as’ from the mini menu to save them to your hard drive. Once you have them saved, you can upload them to your Facebook Timeline.

free pink flowers facebook timeline cover

free sky and sun facebook timeline cover