Color Ideas

Color Ideas

Do you need color ideas and inspiration for your website or blog or an art or crafts project? I create color palettes from my nature photos which contain interesting and beautiful color shades and combinations.

My passion is to photograph nature. We tend to be so busy in our everyday lives that usually we don’t stop to notice the beauty in nature all around us, even the small things – a flower growing on the side of the road; the deep shades of a lovely blue summer sky; the bright colors of a sunset; a colorful butterfly hovering over fragrant potted herbs; etc., I love to capture these small moments and translate the beauty of them through their rich natural colors.

You can see my nature color palettes in the links below. I hope you find some inspiration from them.

Pink Azalea Bud

Butterfly on Basil

Colorful Sunset

Blue Hydrangeas

Deep Blue Cloudless Sky

Sun Shining Through Tree Branch

Sun Peeking Through Clouds

I identified each color by it’s hexadecimal code, and this code is more exact than just a color name because the six digits (preceded by a hashtag symbol) define each color by the RGB values that it contains, so you get an exact shade. You can find a hexadecimal color chart here.

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